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Before & After School

Kindergarten - Grade 5

All kids are involved with several enrichment programs. These programs help develop the individual person. These programs give each child the ability and opportunity to develop
any talents or skills a child may want to adventure into. Some of these programs include:

  • Library Story Time: Adventure seem to jump of the page. 

  • Art Room: This is a classroom where children can tape into their creativity. A place to express their love for color and drawing. 

  • Computer Lab: This will be a place where children can explore the abilities of a computer. The children will learn how to use a mouse, type, and different learning activities. 

  • Other Enrichment Programs are specifically for younger children. These programs include a Music and Drum Class. 

  • Preschool and Pre-k children attend Music Together Preschool Program by Jane Roett of Arts from the Heart. This class allows children to experience the joy of sound and rhythm. 

  • Pre-K, K, and School Age children attend Power of the Drum. This class allow children to express their energy and liveliness of being a child.

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